International Joke Day

Joke's Day
International Joke Day seems to have officially begun in the United States but whatever the origins of International Joke Day, it is clear that jokes themselves pre-date by hundreds and hundreds of years. The first joke is often attributed to the Greeks, specifically Palamedes, who is also credited with the invention of many other things. An example of ancient Greek joke telling reads thus: “A barber, a bald man and an absent-minded professor take a journey together. They have to camp overnig...

Doctor’s Day Celebration

Doctor's Day
This holiday is commonly celebrated in healthcare organizations to recognize the contributions of physicians to individual lives and communities. These events are typically organized by staff at a healthcare organization. Staff may organize a lunch for doctors to present the physicians with tokens of recognition. Historically, a card or red carnation may be sent to physicians and their spouses, along with a flower being placed on the graves of deceased physicians. Also celebrated on July 1 al...